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Mold Questions

Is it possible to ship the mold dry? Or is there a problem with the mold fitting together properly after it's wet? Molds should definitely be soaked for the same reasons blocks should be soaked. As the wood dries, the cell structure in the wood closes and will resist holding water. The water in the wood is an important factor in the performance of the tool.
What is the best way to store a mold when not in use? For medium term storage, you may either keep the mold in a bucket, as you would a block, or soak it well and seal it in an airtight plastic bag on a shelf.
I'm having difficulty turning a piece in my mold. What's wrong? Pieces will turn in a Blockhead wood mold. Possible causes for a mold sticking include: mold parts bonked out of alignment, some projection interfering with the glass rotation or not enough vent holes. Check these things first.
How do I keep mold off my mold? Household bleach in small quantities is safe. Use a solution of ½ cup bleach to 10 gallons water.